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Milk, formula, and fruit juice all contain sugar that, when left in the baby’s mouth, increases the the chances of tooth decay. Bacteria metabolizes carbohydrates and sugars to create acid which erodes the protective enamel that covers the teeth.

Steps you can take keep your baby’s mouth healthy include:

-Starting a daily oral routine with your baby to get him used and in the habit of brushing daily. Before your child’s teeth come in, wipe their gums down after bottle feeding. Then, when the teeth come in, gently brush their teeth the appropriate sized toothbrush and a tiny dab of toothpaste.

-Never leave a bottle with your baby after putting them down to sleep.

-As soon as possible, usually by the first birthday, wean your baby from the bottle and start teaching her to drink from regular cups .

-Apart from water, drinks that are in a bottle or sippy cup should be finished in an hour.

-Your child’s first visit to a dentist should be within six months after the first tooth appears and before their first birthday. Your child should have regular dental checkups every six months.

If your baby is showing signs of tooth decay, call our dentist, Dr. Jee Lee immediately. Please contact Dental Group of Anaheim in Anaheim, California at 714-635-5500 to make an appointment.