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The condition known as dry mouth may seem like nothing more than an annoyance. However, your saliva has an important job to do, and without it, you can face some serious health problems.

Saliva cleans the food debris from your mouth, and neutralizes the acids that will attack the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities. Saliva also helps you to digest your food, and contains minerals that can help stop cavities at a microscopic level.

Dry mouth can be caused by number of different things, including some medical conditions, certain medications, menopause and tobacco use. If you are experiencing dryness in your mouth, lips or tongue; if your dry mouth is causing problems when you speak or swallow, you should talk with your dentist about your symptoms. Your dentist can offer some solutions for addressing the problem, and can work with your physician if necessary. Treatment may involve a prescription mouthwash, or even adjusting your medications.

There are things that you can do to combat dry mouth. You can drink more water or more sugarless drinks, and avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Sugarless gum, or sugarless hard candy can help stimulate saliva production.

Our dentist, Dr. Jee Lee at Dental Group of Anaheim in Anaheim, California can help you if you are suffering from the effects of dry mouth; and also offers a range of treatments to help you and the members of your family with your dental needs. If you, or someone in your family needs attention for a problem, or if it is just time for your regular cleaning and exam, contact our office at 714-635-5500 to schedule an appointment.