Wisdom Teeth in Anaheim, CA

Wisdom Teeth in Anaheim, CA

Your third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. This is why they are called “wisdom” teeth - they usually come in when you are older and wiser! Unfortunately, wisdom teeth can often erupt incorrectly and cause different dental issues associated with their poor positioning and alignment in the mouth. 

In fact, it is not uncommon for these teeth to come in sideways or become impacted, meaning they will not be able to properly erupt into the mouth. This can lead to other oral health problems down the road that may require further treatment to resolve.

Although your wisdom teeth may not cause you any issues when they are erupting, once they begin to affect the alignment of your other teeth and interfere with your ability to chew comfortably, you should look into having them removed. Call our dentist today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. The sooner the dentist is able to intervene, the better chance you have of preserving your natural teeth and avoiding more invasive treatments in the future.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

For our patients, we generally recommend removing the wisdom teeth when they are starting to show signs of infection or decay, when they do not erupt properly, or when they start affecting the alignment of the other teeth. If a patient has crooked teeth or other issues with their bite, getting their wisdom teeth removed early can help to prevent further complications.

For most patients, wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 16 and 21. However, each patient is unique, so the dentist will monitor your teeth as they develop to determine if and when they should be removed. 

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Our dentist can remove one or more wisdom teeth during the same appointment depending on your specific needs. The procedure itself typically takes about 20 minutes per tooth. During your initial consultation, our dentist will walk you through the steps of the extraction and provide recommendations and instructions on how to prepare for your procedure.

We recommend having no food or liquids the night before and wearing loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Also avoid smoking or drinking alcohol the night before your procedure. It’s also important that you tell our dentist about any medications you are taking during your initial consultation to avoid any complications.

Wisdom teeth removal causes little to no pain and is usually performed under local anesthesia, so you won’t experience any discomfort during the surgery. However, you may experience swelling after the anesthesia wears off that should subside within a few days. Some patients experience dry sockets, which can cause severe pain, and require prescription pain medication. It’s important to follow all the post-care instructions provided by our dentist to ensure a quick and smooth recovery.

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