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To help keep your smile safe from the risk of oral accidents and injuries, having effective treatment plans in place to provide immediate care can be the difference of weeks in recovery. Furthermore, if you have sustained injuries to your teeth, it may be possible to actually save the teeth if you make the right decisions. Should an emergency ever arise, knowing what to do to help keep your smile in its best possible condition with the best possible care it can receive is crucial.

Sample risk factors are often present when you lose a dental crown or dental filling. Because tooth restorations are treatments designed to help protect teeth, if for any reason, a filling is knocked out or dislodged, it will need to be replaced by your dentist. In some situations, you may be able to successfully reapply your dental crown if it is still in good condition. For additional help, visit your dentist so they can successfully reattach it. In the meantime, cover up the whole tooth with a cotton swab coated in clove oil. If for any reason you have a lost filling, make sure that you cover up the hole in your mouth with sugarless chewing gum or some form of safe dental cement.

Another common risk factor for oral emergencies that can tend to occur is due to objects that are stuck between your teeth. If you ever end up having anything stuck between your teeth, it is important to make sure that you use safe tools to try to dislodge the object. Never try to use any kind of sharp objects or instruments that can potentially lacerate your gums or even slice up your tooth enamel. Consider using dental floss or similar interdental cleaning tools to gently dislodge the items from your mouth. If you need additional help, visit your dentist.

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