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The American Association of Endodontists notes that dental trauma is most often attributed to athletic injuries, automotive collisions, or a severe accident in the home. In an extreme case where multiple teeth have been knocked out or fractured at the gumline, the dental avulsion might not leave sufficient healthy dental structure to treat the teeth with endodontic therapy.

In a case this severe Dr. Jee Lee and his team might need to perform an emergency extraction to remove whatever remains of the original roots of the teeth. This will help to alleviate the pain and prevent further complications.   

After the affected periodontal structures have fully healed Dr. Jee Lee can help you understand your options for restoring your missing teeth.

If you are averse to the oral surgery involved for a restoration by a dental implant supported bridge he might advocate replacing basic function and appearance of your missing teeth with a partial denture.

This is a removable dental appliance designed to effectively mimic the appearance and function of the original teeth. Each replica tooth will be firmly set into a pink medium designed to match the natural shape and appearance of your gum tissues. The unit might also include hardware to lock them with the adjacent teeth.

If you live in the Anaheim, California, area and you have just suffered a severe dental trauma, you should not delay in calling 714-635-5500 to seek emergency treatment at Dental Group of Anaheim.